Store Policy+Copyright

thank you for visiting *Dura*

Please read this carefully.

**Dura Store Policy**

If you need to contact us please send us a note card
( we cannot speak english. therefore i do not answer sudden IM of you.)

(Non-delivered product)
please send us a notecard with your transaction history and your name. must be done within 30 days. We will check the your transaction in our transaction.
Upon confirmation, We will send you products you purchased.
We do not accept your claim for non-delivered product without transaction history your notecard.

(Script of product is broken)
please send us a note card . After i check your broken hair , i send new hair to you.

Dura has some creators .
Your requirements please send a notebook card to the creator of the product.
(dura creator)
chiaki xue / Naotsune Enzo / Ari enyo

Does not accept custom work and personal requests
Permission changes will not be accepted
please understand that I don't accept any custom order. For instant: to do a special or "normal" colour for you cause you don't like "green". or bald at right tside with star mark on it. I am here for business and this is not an ego. Thank you!

We do not do repayment and the exchange.
Because a purchased product is no transfer product, you cannot return goods to us.
Therefore we do not do repayment and the exchange.

Please buy items after convinced with try DEMO
・As the purchaser of any item you assume all responsibility for your own actions.
Please make completely sure what you purchase is what you want, because there are no refunds or exchanges of any kind. Please make use of demos that are available to you.
・ Please check permission in product pop.
(Cannot edit some {inculuded resize hair}. Please check product pop carefully.)
・ Please purchase it by a self-responsibility!

Thank you for shopping and undersatanding our policy!!

Copyright (C)Since2010 Dura ALL right reserved

■We produce and sell the original hair in SL.

■These are the avatar names of the creators.
・Chiaki xue
・Naotsune Enzo
・Chloe dakun ( the alternate account as Chaki )
・Ari enyo ( the alternate account as naotsune )

*These are the only creators for Dura.
*Nobody except us shouldn't sell out products.

■We sell our hair as "Dura" only the following places now.
・Dura main shop
・Dura shop of Marketplace
・E U P H O R I A
・ARAI main shop (There are a few items sold in here as collaborations with ARAI.)

*We don't sell our products beside those places in SL, any where else, nor in the other games or web sites.

■We want your help about this issue:

If you see any copybotted items of Dura, Report to us immediately. We appreciate if you can take the photos of the items and the places.
If it's possible and if you know how, please report to Linden Lab when you find the copybotted items.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

*Dura*designer and CEO: Chiaki xue / Naotsune Enzo