*Dura* Halloween group gift information (Hair gift)

*Dura* Halloween group gift information (Hair gift)!

Hello, everyone! I prepared the Halloween group gift the hair for males, and for women , today. I put the gift on the counter of each inside of a hall of a main shop.

Male hair is hair with a hat. It was conscious of the vampire :D. But it was made into the form of an easy-to-use ordinary hat in the usual SL life. A color is 14 colors at all.

Female hair is the different colors of a hunt hair. (This is the hair of former hunt. ) I have been asked for sale of the different colors of this hunt hair from many female customers. Therefore, I prepared the different colors hair for the halloween gift on this time. There are 12 colors in all. The color of hunt hair is excluded.

I am very glad if you, the members of a group, are pleased with this gift. Please pass wonderful Halloween♪

*This is a group gift for a group member. In order to obtain a gift, the participation in the group of Dura is required.

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Dura main shop

●●This gift is not in the shop now.

---------------------Please read this !!----------------------------↓↓↓

Copyright (C)Since2010 Dura ALL right reserved.

■We produce and sell the original hair in SL.

■These are the avatar names of the creators.

・Chiaki xue
・Naotsune Enzo
・Chloe dakun ( the alternate account as Chaki )
・Ari enyo ( the alternate account as naotsune )

*These are the only creators for Dura.
*Nobody except us shouldn't sell out products.

■We sell our hair as "Dura" only the following places now.
・Dura main shop
・Dura shop of Marketplace
・E U P H O R I A
・ARAI main shop (There are a few items sold in here as collaborations with ARAI.)
*We don't sell our products beside those places in SL, any where else, nor in the other games or web sites.

■We want your help about this issue:
If you see any copybotted items of Dura, Report to us immediately. We appreciate if you can take the photos of the items and the places.
If it's possible and if you know how, please report to Linden Lab when you find the copybotted items.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.