*Dura* new female hair & Tiara release! @ Equal10

Dura sells Female hair and Tiara at Equal10.!

This hairstyle 1 of style hud is designed with Lunafreya of FF XV in mind.

The owner of ROZOREGARIA, yumi.pausch, has joined as a Dura creator in charge of hair accessories.


[ Product Details ]
☑copy ok/ no modify / no transfer
☑12colors fat: 6 types
☑24colors fat: 3 types
☑color picker
☑hairstyle hud ( two different styles for the bangs / mirror version )


[ Product Details ]
☑Resize & FullBright on /off & Color change

(From , Yumi)
Hello, everyone! I'm Yumi Pausch, an owner of ROZOREGALIA. Please call me Yumi. I’ve been assigned to work as a designer on DURA.
I’ll do my best. Thank you so much:D

Yours very sincerely

Yumi Pausch
*DURA * creator (hair accessory,cap etc)

Please go to Equal10, and please try demo!!


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