Mens hair *Dura-Boy45* Release!!


☑Each color 120L$(All 14color)
☑Dark 7 color FAT / Light 7 color FAT (Each 360L$)
☑included resize hair
■ the hair base is not included.

A hair base and the beard which I use with a poster are [LANEVO] products.
[LANEVO] made a hair base and Beard for exclusive use of Dura.
This product is sold at the Dura main shop and the [LANEVO] main shop.

Hair image of the side and the front

Hair base: [LANEVO] HAIRBASE - No.02
Beard : [LANEVO] BEARD - No.01(Coming soon)
Skin: Evian -APOLLO Medium/Bald
RIGHT/ [ 2byte ] 091 Jacket superdry camo
CENTER:~Tableau Vivant~ Tank - Dark gray
LEFT: [ 2byte ] 091 Jacket gold chains

Please try DEMO!!

Dura main shop(Click)

[LANEVO]main shop(Click)